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Needing Michigan Drug RehabWe have developed relationships with countless addiction treatment alternatives throughout the United States. There are traditional treatment programs based on a philosophy developed in the 30s called alcoholics anonymous along with narcotics anonymous as well as the controversial “dual diagnosis” treatment of addiction whereby a person is deemed to have a dual existing condition, a mental disorder and an addiction as a result. There is also a disease model whereby the individual is locked into a deadly dwindling spiral of genetic inheritance and is and always will be an addict. With success rates of an average 1 to 10 percent recovery, these explanations and marketing of addiction and its treatment leave one to wonder about alternative addiction treatment programs with higher success rates.
There are alternative type drug and alcohol recovery programs available in different parts of the country. Programs which are in some cases nutritionally based, holistic in nature, extremely comprehensive and which offer success rates from 40 to 80 percent. While these programs may not be the most promoted remedies to addiction by the vested interest of the treatment industry, they are available, certified by state and federal agencies and can help a person recover from addiction. The programs too vary according to size, quality, location, staffing, overall average effectiveness and other basic decisional criteria so it is wise to get an expert to guide you through the choices until you are certain you have made the one choice that might save the person you love.

If you or someone you love needs drug and alcohol rehabilitation and would like to investigate alternatives in addiction treatment then call us today.